The beginning...

Back in 1878, a young man – Iliya Rabchev left his native village of Byala Cherkva in Bulgaria and went to France to study winemaking. Four years later, he returned to his family in Byala Church to found Rabchev Winery. Everyone works hard and soon the winery becomes the largest producer of wine in the area.


A few decades later, another young man, Luben Rabchev (fifth generation “Rabchev”),
also left Bulgaria and went to America where he studied winemaking and business.
After 40 years in America, Luben returned to Bulgaria and founded Seven Generations Winery,
located in northern Bulgaria, 30 km west of Ruse.

The vineyards are blessed to be located in a place of MAGICAL BEAUTY. Among green hills with wonderful views of the Danube River. The sun’s rays gently touch our grapes during the day, and the river breeze cools them at night.

The harvest is done at night to control the temperature and preserve the aromas and taste of the grapes.

We cultivate 150 decares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Muscat Ottonel and Merlot varieties, constantly monitoring the condition and growth of the vines and replanting if necessary. The latest plantings are of the Pinot Noir variety, from which we expect to extract a new unique and fascinating taste for the future.

In 2023, we plan to open a new part of the Wine Cellar in the Wine Complex, with a terrace offering a breathtaking view of the river in combination with wonderful wine, tastings and wine tours.

45 Degrees North, That Magical Line

Seven Generations Winery at 43.851 degrees latitude shares this line with

  Bordeaux France and the Piedmont Region in Italy and the Willamette Valley in Oregon USA.

Rabchev cellars 1941

Jo Rabchev –; 702 680 8901

Luben Rabchev –; 702  680 8818

Luben Rabchev escaped from Communist Bulgaria in 1968.

Luben Rabchev escaped from Communist Bulgaria in 1968.
In his book, From San Francisco to Stalpishte he tells the story of his life
and what inspired him to return to Bulgaria and create Seven Generation Winery.

New underground barrel room and upper floor Wine production and shop


We look forward to meeting you and sharing the Beauty of Bulgaria.

Jo and Luben Rabchev and the Seven Generations Wine Cellar Team