Bulgarian Wine and Rakia Make a Splash in Las Vegas

2023 marks a significant milestone in the Bulgarian wine industry as the first container of Seven Generations Bulgarian wine and rakia sets sail for Las Vegas. This event symbolizes not only a cultural exchange but also the expansion of Bulgaria’s fine wine and spirits market into the bustling heart of Nevada.

Renowned for its rich history in winemaking and the unique flavor of rakia, a traditional fruit brandy, Bulgaria is now stepping onto the global stage thanks to Luben Rabchev & Seven Generations. The launch of online platforms like for US consumers and for Bulgarian and EU residents is revolutionizing the way people buy wine.

These websites offer an extensive selection of Bulgarian wines and rakia, catering to various preferences and tastes. From the comfort of their homes, customers can explore, order, and pay online, enjoying the convenience of doorstep delivery.

This move not only opens a new chapter for Bulgarian winemakers but also provides wine enthusiasts in Las Vegas and beyond with the opportunity to savor the rich and diverse flavors of Bulgarian heritage.

As Bulgaria’s vineyards gain international recognition, this venture is a toast to the future of online wine shopping, bringing a piece of Bulgarian tradition to the world.

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